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ICT Industry in Europe. Outsourcing Fuels Business Growth


This Industry Report is based on the 2012 – 2014 findings of different market research organizations such as Deloitte, EY, Techtarget, Savvis, Kable and others specialized in IT Outsourcing industry research and trend watching.

Our report reviews some of the major trends and challenges that rule the IT Outsourcing services market in Europe. A successful outsourcing project starts with the distinct determination of a lucrative outsourcing scope. Therefore, detailed knowledge about the services that are available in the market is indispensable.

The Report’s goal is to share key findings and strategies from IT leaders around the globe and the E.U. in particular, identify the overall adoption of IT/software development outsourcing services and assist CIOs in making the right decision.


Implications of owning own IT infrastructure.
Drivers to outsourcing.
IT nearshoring to pick up in 2014.
Risks of outsourcing.
Top IT outsourcing destination selection criteria.
Future trends.
Trends for outsourcing.
About INP-Software.
Country profiles.

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